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Last modified at 1/27/2020 8:33 AM by Denese Nelson

​Transfer Guidelines for the Bachelors of Science in Nursing Pre-Licensure

Information about Transcript Evaluation

A transcript evaluation is completed once official transcripts from all previously attended institutions have been received by WGU. Please note that transcripts must be sent to WGU directly from the issuing institution to be considered official. WGU does not perform unofficial evaluations or accept unofficial transcripts. The guidelines below will provide a good indication of expected transfer credit. Official transcript evaluations will occur in the month prior to your start. Transcripts are processed in the order they are received. Please contact your Enrollment Counselor if it has been more than 15 business days since your transcripts have been received and you have not received an evaluation. Transfer credit will not be awarded for transcripts received after your first term start date. Transfer credit awarded for Business, Information Technology, or Health Professions College programs may not apply if a program change is made to the WGU Teacher’s College. 


  • Must be college level from an Institutional Accreditor (as listed by the U.S. Department of Education). For a list of USDE Institutional Accreditor agencies, see: Click here for a list of USDE Institutional Accreditor agencies.
  • Must have been awarded a grade of C- or better. 
  • May not be used to fulfill more than one course of study. 
  • Must meet the competency unit and content equivalency requirements. 


  • Where transfer credit does not apply, courses may receive a Requirement Satisfied (RS). 
  • Courses that receive a Requirement Satisfied can be fulfilled by an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of Science from a Regionally or Nationally accredited institution. (Accrediting agency recognized by The U.S. Department of Education) 
  • In certain cases, the degree must be in a specific field of study. 
  • Requirement Satisfied by degree does not apply to all courses or programs at WGU. A change in majors at WGU may result in the removal of credit.

Important: The courses listed below are eligible for transfer credit; refer to your program guide for a complete listing of program requirements. 

Information about Transcript Evaluation

General Education

Courses Satisfied by Transfer or Degree

The group below maybe satified by an Associate's or Bachelor's degree unless otherwise stated in the transfer requirement.  

Transfer Requirement(s)
collapse Group : Communication ‎(2)
Written CompositionC455English Composition I3

One course in English Composition, equivalent to 3 units. Business Writing and Technical Writing cannot be used to satisfy the requirement for English Composition I. Cannot be satisfied by an Associate degree. 

Communication ApplicationsC464Introduction to Communication3

​​One course in Communication or Speech, equivalent to 3 units. Cannot be satisfied by an Associates degree. 

collapse Group : History and Humanities ‎(2)
History and GovernmentC181Survey of United States Constitution and Government3

​One course U.S. History, World history, Political Science, Government, Economics, or Geography (excluding Physical Geography). Cannot be satisifed by an Associates degree.

Ideals & EthicsC100Introduction to Humanities3

​​One course in the Humanities, equivalent to 3 units (literature, visual and performing arts, music, theatre, philosophy, ethics, or religious studies). Cannot be filled by an Associates degree. 

collapse Group : Mathematics ‎(1)
Statistical ReasoningC784Applied Healthcare Statistics4

One college-level course in Statistics, minimum 3 credit hours. Course must taken within five years to be valid.Cannot be satisfied by degree. 

collapse Group : Sciences ‎(8)
Social/Behavioral SciencesC273Introduction to Sociology3
One course in Sociology or Anthropology, equivalent to 3 units. Cannot be satisfied by degree. 
Life ScienceC107Anatomy and Physiology I4

​One course equivalent to 4 units in Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab.  Cannot be satisfied by degree. 

Life ScienceC405Anatomy and Physiology II4

​One course equivalent to 4 units in Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab. Cannot be satisifed by degree.

Life ScienceC453Clinical Microbiology4

​One course, equivalent to 4 unit, in Microbiology that includes lab component. Cannot be satisifed by degree.

Life ScienceC785Biochemistry3

​One 3 unit equivalent course in Biochemistry. Only courses titled “Biochemistry” are eligible for transfer. Cannot be satisfied by degree. 

Life ScienceC467Pharmacology2

​One course, equivalent to 2 units, in Pharmacology. This must be taken within the past 5 years to be considered for transfer credit. Course is not required as a pre-requisite for the Nursing Pre-Licensure program and can be taken through WGU. Cannot be satisifed by degree. 

Social/Behavioral SciencesC180Introduction to Psychology3

One course in psychology, equivalent to 3 semester hours. Cannot be satisfied by degree. 

Social/Behavioral SciencesC217Human Growth and Development Across the Lifespan3

​One course, equivalent to 3 units, in human growth and development. Course must address human development throughout the entire lifespan. Child development or adolescent development will not meet this competency. Cannot be satisfied by a degree. 

Information about Transcript Evaluation

Non-Transferable Courses

Courses Not Satisfied by Transfer or Degree

The group below may not be satified by transfer credit or degree. 

C466Medication Dosage Calculations1
C486Organizational Systems: Safety and Regulation1
C787Health & Wellness Through Nutritional Science3
C820Professional Leadership & Communication for Healthcare2
C825Introduction to Nursing Arts & Science3
C468Information Management and the Application of Technology3

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